Public Relations

At Everly Communications, we know the wine industry press extremely well and are experts at crafting public relations strategies that maintain a steady presence in wine trade outlets for your brands. We are also experts at branching out into lifestyle channels, exposing your brands to broad market food & wine press and popular millennial publications.  

Social Media

Social Media is all about content curation that is inline with your brand voice. It's about sharing unique messages and images with the community that you are building around your wine. Everly Communications has access to excellent resources for developing smart and on-brand content that we can help you disseminate strategically across each of your channels. 

Millennial Marketing

They've out paced Baby Boomers in size, and soon will out pace them in spending power. Millennials are the first digital generation and their technological fluency shapes their buying decisions. These days, it's more important than ever to have a consistent and authentic brand voice across all of your digital channels. Everly can help craft your millennial communications strategy.



"The team at Everly Communications brought unprecedented awareness for our company and our brands through a steady stream of excellent press coverage."

Phil Pyrce, Former Vice President of Marketing at Guarachi Wine Partners